Network Camera System & Japan Business Development

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park Layer

If you are visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and need an English guide to the sights, the Hiroshima P2 Walker is the perfect way to experience the monuments and nearby attractions.

The Hiroshima P2 Walker Layer is designed specifically to inform and aid visitors about the memorial park and the surrounding tourist spots. There are over 50 points of information regarding:

Layar users are able to access informative texts and videos about the significance of each of the monuments as they enjoy the park.

SystemK produced this layer for RCC Broadcasting* in both English and Japanese.

*link in Japanese

Home's Real Estate Layer

SystemK has just released the Home's Real Estate Search for Home's*, the largest real estate company in Japan. This layer searches Home's 3,350,000 property listings for the results closest to you.

Results can be filtered by the following property types:

  • Manshions
  • Apartments
  • Parking lots
  • Storage units
  • Construction sites
  • Buildings
  • Stores
The detailed view on each property contains an image and information about the property such as distance from the nearest train station, year of construction and size/number of rooms.

*link in Japanese

Pi-Vu Pro Central Management SoftwareComplimenting our line of central management software for network cameras we have released Pi-Vu Pro*, an advanced solution for monitoring up to 64 channels.

Pi-Vu Pro is the first in the line of products to support H.264 compression and Mega-Pixel resolution for the highest quality viewing. The software can simultaneously playback nine recordings and display events in real time via the built in activity monitor. However, the most advanced addition are the powerful video analytics, including:

  • Motion detection
  • Region of interest motion detection
  • Tamper detection
  • Object removal
  • Directional "tripwire" detection
Like Pi-Vu Basic* and Pi-Vu Basic Plus*, features like PTZ control, image enhancement, e-map, and multi-monitor support come as part of the standard feature set.

Pi-Vu Pro is now available to customers in Japan exclusively via SystemK.

*link in Japanese

It may be quaint but as the 'Burari' layer shows, there is quite a lot to see in Miyazu, Japan.

Developed for our client, IP Life*, 'Burari' is the tourist's guide to everything from the temples to the toilets. This layer provides the user with not just the location and images of major tourist attractions but also the business hours and phone numbers. The 'Burari' layer is the ultimate guide to exploring the beauty of Miyazu.

*link in Japanese

NVR 104 BasicAs an entry level network video recorder we are introducing the NVR-104 Basic*. This four channel recorder is an affordable solution for remotely monitoring, recording and playing back network cameras.

Although the NVR-104 Basic lacks I/O inputs, it is just as powerful as the full featured NVR-104. The NVR-104 Basic is capable of storing up to 2 TB of recordings and like the other NVRs is capable of scaling up to 16 units, all of which can be monitored through the Internet.

*link in Japanese