SystemK has become a leader in network camera solutions by offering the best technologies to Japan from all over the world. We have brought network cameras, network video recorders, network camera management software and accessories of all kinds to Japan. We work with developers to make foreign systems compatible with components in Japan and match products with customer needs.

For Network Camera Suppliers

We support your cameras with existing and future network camera solution packages and with our network video recorders. Our extensive customer base will thereby have the option adding your cameras to systems already in place across Japan.

For Software Developers

SystemK helps develop and adapt software for Japanese components and systems. We translate all English into Japanese and market appropriately to the Japanese.

Advantages to SystemK

  • A knowledgeable leader in Japan's market of network camera systems
  • A well established customer base
  • Strong government connections and a history of contracts
  • Retail distribution connections though major electronic stores
For any inquires about SystemK or our services please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing form you.